Writing Tips

The following tips are from myself and the authors interviewed.

Writing Tips:

  • Read widely and often.
  • Keep a journal or ideas notebook and record all the ideas you have for stories.
  • Be prepared to rewrite your stories, again and again. When you first write something it is from the heart, all the emotion and instinctive words flow, and this is how it should be. Then, after a break  you need to take a fresh look at the writing – work with your head – put on the editor’s cap and apply the skills of our craft to the text.
  • Keep all your writing – you never know when you may be able to develop / reshape it in a different way. Write about moments of change in your life or someone else’s: moments when things became different, moments you wish to go back to for any reason.
  • Write with plenty of detail.  Be accurate and specifc. Never be vague. Never write lots of generalisations.  Good writing is vivid and memorable because it is precise.

Illustration Tips:

  • Research, experiment, look and listen.
  • Talk to people in the industry.
  • Try all kinds of media, both traditional and digital to bring your ideas to life.
  •  Illustration is not fine art. Illustration is a career for creatively determined, amenable people who can draw.
  • If you’re keen on becoming an illustrator use really good art materials and digital tools. Makes a huge difference to the quality of your output.