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Read a pre-competition story here. Underground by Springbank students.
Read the selected February story here. Lucy’s Adventure at Les Prevoyants de L’Avenir, Paris 1893 by Zoe Watson.
Competition Details:

Closes 10th of every month and the guest author’s favourite story will be published at the end of the month.

  • Aimed at students in Years 7-10 (approx ages 10-14) although I will accept entries from either side.
  • Each entry must include the student’s name, age, school (or homeschool) and the title of the story.
  • Stories can be on any topic but must be 750 words or less. Stories longer than this will not be read so please do a word count before submission.
  • There is no payment (nor prizes) for stories and no guarantee a story will be published on the blog.
  • The story must be the work of the student submitting it. First rights revert to the student author upon publication, although I reserve the right to anthologize material originally published here in electronic or printed format. I will advise if this should be the case so please ensure contact details (email is fine) are supplied with the submission.
  • Please submit stories using the form below. This form can also be used for any questions – please insert the word QUESTION in the Story Title box.