NZ Children’s Book Reviews welcomes in 2014

Well, 2013 has been and gone and not one book review from me – sigh! All good intentions were blasted away with a new job, studying for a Graduate Certificate in Children’s Literature and just general busy-ness. But now we are into a new year and I am refreshed (after having read six books in a week including the fantastic Hunger Games trilogy) and ready to launch into a new round of book reviews.

My intention for 2013 was to focus on myths, legends, fairy/folktales and fantasy but as that never eventuated I will retain this focus for 2014. New Zealand has some of the best children’s fantasy authors in the world – Sherryl Jordan, Fleur Beale and Barbara Else to name just three. Not only that, we also have authors reworking myths, legends and folktales from around the world, giving me a solid pool of works to call on.

A reminder about how the site works. It is primarily aimed at teachers, librarians, parents and students in Years 7-10. I will review around a book a month including an interview with the author if I can get it. Links to teaching notes, if available, will also be provided as well as links to other websites that may be of interest to you. I will be working a little differently this year by giving some background on different myths, legends and folktales before the book review. I hope you will find plenty to work with. As a heads up I will be starting with Greek mythology and hope to have my first post up by the start of the school year.

A note about the site header: This gorgeous image is by Vojtech Kubasta from the book Once Long Ago – a book of folk and fairytales of the world retold by Roger Lancelyn Green. This was my favourite book as a child, which we completely destroyed because we read it so much. For years I’ve been trying to find another copy and finally did, managing to convince my family it could be my 2012 birthday and Christmas present. My favourite story was Coat of Rushes and the header image above one of my favourite illustrations.

Happy reading, everyone! Please share this link with other teachers, librarians and parents, especially those who have an interest in myths, legends and folktales.

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