Some exciting personal news from NZ Children’s Book Reviews

Just recently I put my first children’s book, The Rose and the Daisy, on Amazon as an e-book and I wanted to let you know that it is free here until Wednesday if you would like a copy. The Rose and the Daisy is an original fairytale aimed at children aged 8-12. I am also working on my own website ( which will feature my books, particularly the magical adventure stories I write for girls.

A bit about The Rose and the Daisy:

The Rose and the DaisyPrincess Samantha and Prince Joe are strangers, living in neighbouring kingdoms. They have each been sent by their fathers on separate missions to retrieve The Book of Secrets. The finder of The Book of Secrets will be able to reunite the two kingdoms into one. Join Princess Samantha and Prince Joe on their adventure and find out who gets there first. And is everything as straightforward as it seems? The Rose and the Daisy is Book 1 in The Book of Secrets. Book 2, Journey to Torca, is also available on Amazon.

Next week I am back to reviewing and will start with Margaret Mahy’s The Magician of Hoad.

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