NZ Children’s Book Review Update

Yes, I’m here! Working on my review and interview for May, and it’s a goodie. This month I’ll be reviewing Thor’s Tale by Janice Marriott. Thor’s Tale is older than the books I have been reviewing but is too good not to include here. Last time I looked it was still in print so should still be available in bookshops and libraries. Following on from Shadow of the Boyd, Dirt Bomb and The Red Poppy, once again I seem to reviewing a “boys” book but there’s no reason why these books should be read by only boys. The stories, the history, the action, the emotion all make them perfectly suitable for girls too. In June I intend reviewing Sacrifice by Joanna Orwin – another “boys” book if the first few chapters are anything to go by – so I have given myself a challenge for July: review a “girls” book that boys might enjoy too. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be pleased to receive them.

I have also added to my writing tips page. David Hill’s suggestions are now up as are the illustration tips from Fifi Colston.

I am still waiting on stories from students. Are there really no students out there who would like me to publish their stories on this blog? I am getting around 8-10 hits a day so their story would be read by a lot of people! I know stories are being written in class and it’s very easy to submit. Go to my competitions page and complete the form – easy! Remember I have a word limit of 750 words. Ignore the close-off date for the moment – JUST GET THOSE STORIES IN TO ME!

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out next week for my review of Thor’s Tale by Janice Marriott.

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