NZ Children’s Book Reviews presents a book review by Cate Denner

As promised, here is the winning entry for the Year 10-13 book review competition held in the Bay of Islands during March 2011.

Kaimanawa Princess
by Dianne Haworth
Review by Cate Denner, Kerikeri

Do you like horses? Kaimanawa Princess by Dianne Haworth is based on the true story of a thirteen year old girl, Rochelle Purcell and her pony.

This inspiring adventure story set in New Zealand is about a determined girl named Becky and her horse Kaimanawa Princess. The story tells about their part in saving the Kaimanawa horses.

In this book you will also read about “the amazing, but sad contribution of the Kaimanawa horses to the war effort…About 8000 horses accompanied New Zealand soldiers to the Boar war, another 10,000 landing at Gallipoli alone. … And of those many thousands of horses, only four were brought back to New Zealand.”

Dianne’s style is informal and conversational. I found that conversations between different council members got slow at times, but the rest of the book made up for them! It gave me excellent insight about what is really happening to these beautiful animals.

When I finished reading Kaimanawa Princess, I felt I wanted to help save the horses too! Kaimanawa Princess is an enjoyable read for 8-14 year olds about the bond between a girl and her horse as they try to save the Kaimanawa horses.

“She was just a kid and didn’t understand the rights and wrongs of saving plants or the ecology of New Zealand, but she did understand that she wanted to do whatever she could to save 1000 beautiful horses like Princess and Queenie from a horrible death.”


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One Response to NZ Children’s Book Reviews presents a book review by Cate Denner

  1. Julia Smith says:

    Great review Cate, well written. I had no idea about the NZ horses at Gallipoli 😦

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